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Supplemental Questions

Know your credit scoring
The credit scoring format will assess about your eligibility of getting a loan. A score of more than 70 ( on a scale of 100) is an indicator of good chances of you getting a loan. However, it does not guarantee any commitment as respective Banks would look into it in details.
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I. Personal Background
1. Date of Birth *
2. How long at present address *
3. How many years you are connected with any bank *
4. Constitution*
5. Payment of statutory dues(IT,ST,VAT,PF etc), electricity bill, mobile bill/telephone bill, water bill/house tax/customs duty,credit card dues etc*
6. Repayment history in existing term loans with any banks*
7. Transaction History in existing CASA accounts for the last 6 months*
8. Transaction History in existing current/SB accounts with us/other banks,if any,for the last 6 months*
II. Management Experience
1. No.of new business ventures commenced and discontinued during last 10 years*
2. Techicnal Qualification in the field of the activity proposed*
3. Educational qualification*
4. Any other member of the family engaged in similar business*
5. Maintenance of books of accounts*
III. Business Profile
1. How long in the present business*
2. Growth in Business Turnover for the last 3 years*
3. Existing competition for the product in the market*
4. Whether Marketing of the product tied up.*
5. Whether required capital/margin is already arranged*
6. Projections*
7. Business Premises*
IV. Financial History
1. Profitability for last 3 years*
2. Current Ratio-Existing /proposed*
3. TOL:TNW-Exisitng/proposed*
4. Average DSCR during the repayment period*
After getting the credit score result , it is to inform that there are some other parameters which may be considered by bank for the loan applicant.